• Layers & depth

    Our paintings have thousands of strokes each — many more than are visible to the naked eye, but which contribute to the depth and three-dimensionality of the final result.

  • Richness of paint pigments

    Quality paint pigments can't be mimicked by ink colours (like those used in printing). No two strokes — and no two paintings — are perfectly identical.

  • Real strokes, not pixels

    Your brain lights up when you look at painted art — your motor neurons work to imagine how the artist performed each stroke. Prints just aren't the same as a real painting.

  • Artists create their pieces using our technology

  • Our robots match each stroke with real paint on canvas

  • Paintings are sold in limited-edition collections

  • Precision robotics

    Ultra-high accuracy (sub-mm)

  • High-grade paint

    Professional-grade paint pigments – not ink

  • Authentic feel

    No two paintings are 100% alike

  • Millions of style data points captured per piece

  • Brushstroke by brushstroke

    Delicate, artful process