Why produce art with robots?

While no machine will ever replace human vision, art production is stuck in the proverbial dark ages, relying on a single person to produce a single painting, stroke by stroke. Every other creative industry has scaled production through technological means.

Musicians use recording studios that enable people all over the world to access their songs anywhere. Actors use film and camera to replicate and distribute their work. Writers have long had printing technologies and publishers. Robotic painting gives fine art a similar ability to scale. Acrylic Robotics is using technology to produce a world that has more art in it - accessible for all.

For more details, read our Manifesto.


How are pieces delivered?

Our delivery process is designed to be as streamlined as possible, engineered for your ease. After you make a purchase, and provide your delivery details, Acrylic will hand deliver your artwork to your door - smoothly and safely. Each piece comes ready to be hung. Take note that all sales are pre-orders, meaning that the piece you order is made just for you. Please anticipate some minor production delays as we fulfill our first collection. Excellence takes time.

Can Acrylic artwork be shipped worldwide?

Yes. Acrylic Robotic is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, but we can ship artwork anywhere. Additional shipping fees may apply.


How can I check on the status of my order?

Our delivery partners will automatically send updates to your email as your piece is produced, packaged, shipped and delivered. For additional inquiries, please contact us at hello@acrylicrobotics.ca.


We're dedicated to ensuring you receive your perfect painting. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 7 days from the date of delivery. To process a return, please contact hello@acrylicrobotics.ca.


What can I do if a collection sells out before I can buy an item? 

At Acrylic, we are committed to maintaining limits on certain collections to guarantee quality
and ensure that artists have control over their work and how it is sold. Occasionally,
this may mean that popular pieces sell out before you have a chance to purchase
one. We understand how disappointing this can be, but we cannot exceed the
limits that artists themselves have set.

Your best bet is to ensure this doesn’t happen again—and the best way to do that is
to sign up for priority notice of new collections as soon as they launch. You can sign up for our newsletter here. Be the first to know so that next time, you don’t miss out!

The good news is, you can expect new artist partnerships and more collections soon. Please keep checking back!

We're always looking for ways to push the limits of artistic expression. If you know of an artist that you’d love to see us work with, we encourage you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page(select Refer Artist from the dropdown list). We’ll do all we can to bring them on board.

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to access art they love. If you have a vision for art you’d like to own, check out our Custom Piece production service. By working with our partnered artists and proprietary technology, we can create custom paintings and deliver them to you. Let's discuss how to get your design from your head to your home!


How can I stay updated about Acrylic news and events?

Sign up for our newsletter! You can also learn more on our parent website www.acrylicrobotics.ca, or by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or TikTok.

Other inquiries

Requesting a custom piece

Looking for something more personalized? By working with our partnered artists and proprietary technology, we can create custom paintings and deliver them to your door.

If you feel your concept is bold enough, contact us by applying below. If we agree, we’ll discuss how to get your design from your head to your home. Please include your desired piece size, subject matter and budget.

Referring an artist

We have a lot of exciting collaborations in the works, and we're looking for more pioneering artists to launch collections before we open access to the public.

Have someone you'd love to see us work with? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to put us in touch (select Refer Artist from the dropdown list). Please feel free to include some information about why you think the artist would be interested or be a good fit.


For all other inquiries or thoughts, select Other from the dropdown list in the form below, and share your thoughts or questions in the comment section.

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