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Les Voisins by Marie-Claude Asselin

Les Voisins by Marie-Claude Asselin

This abstract depiction dramatizes the duality of two neighbours, or "Les Voisins". The hues suggest the multifaceted nature of the relationship - sometimes fiery, other times cool. For some, it will be nothing more than a view of trees; for others, the intricacies of the relationship are evident. We raise our glass to good neighbours.

Size: 24 x 24"

Medium: Artist-grade acrylic paint on gallery canvas, finished with varnish. Comes ready to hang. Given the nature of the production process, each edition is unique and will exhibit slight variations, giving each piece authentic character and individuality. 

Fulfillment: This is a pre-sale. Each piece is made upon order, exclusively for the collector, so please expect production delays as we fulfill our first collection. Excellence takes time.

Other details: Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

About the Artist: Marie-Claude Asselin is a French-Canadian multidisciplinary artist living in Ottawa. She creates instinctively, using texture and emotions in both physical and digital art. She has an undying love of both illustration and acrylic, ink, charcoal, synthetic papers, and canvas mediums, but has never let a single hat define her. With an adventurous spirit, she seeks new media, explores uncharted territories, and follows her instincts unerringly - pushing through all boundaries that stand in her way.

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