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Mermaid by Yuge Kurt

Mermaid by Yuge Kurt

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Limited edition of 10

Unlock a world of artistry in your home with "Mermaid" by Yuge Kurt.
The artistic composition has several symbols: the lily is the world in which the character lives and flies; it is similar to Apollo, but adapted for the 21st century. A perfect face with no wrinkles and no emotions, because he has learned not to show emotions. It's a moment of surprise where the wild colours show it in action. It's important for the character to know if someone has noticed it. 

Size: 24 x 24"

Medium: Artist-grade acrylic paint on gallery canvas, finished with varnish. Comes ready to hang.

Fulfillment: This is a pre-sale. Each piece is made upon order, exclusively for the collector, so please expect production delays as we fulfill our first collection. Excellence takes time.

Editions: Only 10 limited-edition pieces are available. Given the nature of the production process, each edition is unique and will exhibit slight variations, giving each piece authentic character and individuality. 

Other details: Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

About the Artist: Yuge Kurt does not want art to be judged by location, artist’s age, or gender. Kurt wants paintings to tell universal stories. And that doesn’t mean that everyone will understand them. Paintings as stories that must find their owners. Kurt has a Master of Arts from the Vilnius Art Academy and has done exhibitions across Lithuania, France, Sweden, Germany and Poland. 

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